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Stewart, Donna

Managing Partner
dstewart@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Boothman, Brandy

Chief Operating Officer
bboothman@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Pullen, Brittney

Title Manager
bpullen@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Goss, Terra

Closing Agent
tgoss@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Gregory, Angela

Closing Agent
agregory@realtytitleinc.com 479-238-8844

Hand, Jesse

Closing Agent
jhand@realtytitleinc.com 479-278-2258

Main, Erin

Closing Agent
emain@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Wood, Jennifer

Closing Agent
jwood@realtytitleinc.com 479-527-8888

Boothman, Zack

Title Agent
zboothman@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Cherry, Rachel

Delivery Driver

Delarber, Katy

Post Closing
kdelarber@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Dollar, Kelly

Closing Coordinator
kdollar@realtytitleinc.com 479-278-2258

Gifford, Toni

Closing Coordinator
tgifford@realtytitleinc.com 479-238-8844

Holt, Krystle

Closing Coordinator
kholt@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Johnson, Amy

Title Agent
ajohnson@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Miller, Celeste

Closing Agent
cmiller@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Miller, Rodney

Title Agent
rmiller@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Mullins, Sarah

Closing Administrator
smullins@realtytitleinc.com 479-278-2258

O'Kelley, Renee

Closing Administrator
rokelley@realtytitleinc.com 479-527-8888

Parnell, Jenna

Closing Coordinator
jparnell@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Pinkley, Brittany

Title Administrator
bpinkley@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Satterfield, Maci

Closing Coordinator
msatterfield@realtytitleinc.com 479-527-8888

Selsor, Hattie

Closing Coordinator
hselsor@realtytitleinc.com 479-527-8888

Severs, Tiffany

Escrow Administrator
tsevers@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Shackelford, Rhonda

Title Policy Department
rshackelford@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Sherman, Diane

Closing Coordinator
dsherman@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Talarski, Bobbi

Closing Coordinator
btalarski@realtytitleinc.com 479-278-2258

Torres, Ivonne

Post Closing
itorres@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Michelle Scott

Title Agent
mscott@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Carla Yocum

Title Administrator
cyocum@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Lainey Boone

Order Entry
lboone@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Rachel Ross

Director of First Impressions
rross@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Our Services

At Realty Title & Closing Services LLC, we work with builders, lenders, real estate agents, buyers, sellers, attorneys, and other clients all over Northwest Arkansas as we provide title and settlement services of all types, including residential and commercial transactions.

No matter what your needs, Realty Title provides the top quality title and closings services necessary to move forward with any transaction.


We understand that home sales transactions are significant events in the lives of both the sellers and the buyers. From the initial title order through closing, we keep everyone in the loop throughout the entire process. We will even rectify any title issues up front.

When we get to that final step, we’ll make sure there is a pleasant and comfortable closing environment. Because real estate transactions don’t always take place during business hours, we are positioned to close your transaction at a location and time that is convenient to you with our five branches located throughout Northwest Arkansas.

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Commercial real estate transactions can be the most complicated property transactions. Title issues like cross-collateralization, deed restrictions, lien subordination and defiance transactions can delay a project for weeks or even totally derail it. This is where we come in. With our years of experience and knowledge, we are the partner you need to navigate these waters. No matter how difficult these issues may seem, we have the experienced staff and the expertise to help overcome even the most complex commercial real estate closing scenarios.

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Other Services

  • Full Title & Escrow Services
  • Document Retrieval
  • Residential & Commercial Closings
  • Title Exams and Underwriting
  • Subdivisions/Plat Information
  • Construction Loan Closings
  • Refinance Closings
  • Escrow/Roundtable Closings
  • Recording Services

Our Underwriters

Our Story

Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff members are trained to be prompt and courteous solution providers. We utilize only highly qualified closing agents, attorneys and title agents to conduct closings. You choose when and where you want to close. We have the latest equipment enabling us to receive documents from your lender fully intact and without flaw. Our company has set up dedicated client production teams – people working together on your transaction conforming to your needs.

Our Mission

Realty Title & Closing Services LLC is dedicated to providing the title and closing services you need to successfully complete and maintain your real estate transaction in full accordance of the law in the State of Arkansas.

Our Goal

Our goal is to facilitate the purchase, sale and/or financing of residential and commercial real estate through a proactive approach that goes beyond just being a vendor. We take great pride in assisting our customers and to realize their goals. We understand that the only way to bring out the greatest value of the company’s products and business, is to partner with the customer, listen to their needs and anticipate the solution.

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