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1204 Joyce Blvd. Ste. 101
Fayetteville AR 72703
Phone: 479-527-8888 Fax: 479-527-8889

Rogers Main

3711 W. Walnut
Rogers, AR 72756
Phone: 479-636-7766 Fax: 479-636-7717

Rogers Satellite Closing Office

3801 W. Walnut
Rogers, AR 72756
Phone: 479-278-2258 Fax: 479-246-1654

Siloam Springs

519 South Mt. Olive
Siloam Springs, AR 72761
Phone: 479-238-8844 Fax: 479-238-8846


3866 W. Sunset
Springdale, AR 72762
Phone: 479-582-9383 Fax: 479-582-2925

Our Staff

Stewart, Donna

Managing Partner
dstewart@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Boothman, Brandy

Title Manager
bboothman@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Robinson, Joe

Operations Manager/Closing Agent
jrobinson@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Goss, Terra

Closing Agent
tgoss@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Gregory, Angela

Closing Agent
agregory@realtytitleinc.com 479-238-8844

Hand, Jesse

Closing Agent
jhand@realtytitleinc.com 479-278-2258

Main, Erin

Closing Agent
emain@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Wood, Jennifer

Closing Agent
jwood@realtytitleinc.com 479-527-8888

Barker, Lindsay

Closing Coordinator
lbarker@realtytitleinc.com 479-278-2258

Boothman, Zack

Title Agent
zboothman@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Cherry, Rachel

Closing Coordinator
rcherry@realtytitleinc.com 479-238-8844

Delarber, Katy

Post Closing
kdelarber@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Dollar, Kelly

Closing Coordinator
kdollar@realtytitleinc.com 479-278-2258

Faulkner, Jordan

Receptionist / Closing Coordinator
jfaulkner@realtytitleinc.com 4795829383

Groe, Brad

Title Agent
bgroe@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Gifford, Toni

Closing Coordinator
tgifford@realtytitleinc.com 479-238-8844

Holt, Krystle

Closing Coordinator
kholt@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Hudler, Linda

Title Admin
lhudler@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Johnson, Amy

Title Policy Department
ajohnson@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Kendall, Hayden

Title Administrator
hkendall@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

McDonald, Dennis

Title Underwriter
dmcdonald@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Mechura, Rebecca

Title Admin
rmechura@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Miller, Celeste

cmiller@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Miller, Rodney

Title Agent
rmiller@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Mullins, Sarah

Closing Admin
smullins@realtytitleinc.com 479-278-2258

O'Kelley, Renee

Closing Admin
rokelley@realtytitleinc.com 479-527-8888

Parnell, Jenna

Closing Coordinator
jparnell@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Pinkley, Brittany

Order Desk
bpinkley@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Pullen, Brittney

Title Agent
bpullen@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Satterfield, Maci

Closing Coordinator
msatterfield@realtytitleinc.com 479-527-8888

Selsor, Hattie

Closing Coordinator
hselsor@realtytitleinc.com 479-527-8888

Severs, Tiffany

Escrow Admin
tsevers@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Shackelford, Rhonda

Title Policy Department
rshackelford@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Sharpshair, Jeremy

Title Agent
jsharpshair@realtytitleinc.com 479-640-4660

Sherman, Diane

Closing Coordinator
dsherman@realtytitleinc.com 479-582-9383

Shrum, Rosa


Talarski, Bobbi

Closing Coordinator
btalarski@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Torres, Ivonne

Post Closing
itorres@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766

Walker, Samantha

Escrow Admin
swalker@realtytitleinc.com 479-636-7766